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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    I buy several varieties of carrots, mix the contents to insure against low-quality seeds. I plant seeds with a special planter, which produces 1-2 seeds per press. You can take a small plastic bottle, make a hole in the lid, the result is the same. The less often a carrot is planted, the larger it grows. On the ridge I plant three grooves of carrots, one Stuttgarten onion to protect them from the carrot fly.

    When the carrots have risen, water only the aisles. If you disturb her, she grows either short or ugly: two- or three-fingered.
    Weed only when there are tails, and do not forget to thin out again, do not rely on the fact that you will slowly use the carrots in cooking - this is usually forgotten.

  2. Viktor Dorofeev, Chausy

    It's almost the middle of June, and the carrots have not risen. Is it possible to sow the seeds of this vegetable? What can be done to ensure that the harvest ripens on time?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - Re-sowing carrot seeds can be done in mid-June. However, before that, make sure the quality of the seeds, check their expiration date. To make the seeds germinate faster, soak them for a day in water. After sowing, cover the bed with plastic wrap until seedlings appear.

      If you are afraid that the crop will not have time to form before the cold starts in your region, then in August install arcs over the bed. At the same time, not even temperature is important, but protection from wind, drafts and rains - then the root crops will fully develop. However, on warm sunny days, it is advisable to open the shelter slightly.


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