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  1. Andrey Voronov, Bryansk

    What happened to the head lettuce? •Is this some kind of disease?

    Types of lettuce - growing, planting and care from A to Z

    • OOO "Sad"

      — In the photograph we see mucous bacteriosis - a disease that can affect a plant at any time. The source of the disease is the soil, upon contact with which infection occurs. The disease is especially dangerous for plants in rainy weather and with frequent watering. It appears in the form of mucus on the leaves, which smells bad and spreads from the leaf petiole to the entire blade. Plants with signs of damage should be eaten as quickly as possible, after removing all diseased leaves. To prevent disease, grow lettuce on black spunbond mulch. Be sure to follow crop rotation. Do not grow lettuce in the same place for at least 2-3 years.

  2. Elena Kiryashina, Ulyanovsk

    vitamin greens
    Leaf lettuces tolerate light frosts well, so they can be sown without shelter in the ground very first. And in early spring it is so important to get a harvest of vitamin greens!
    I grow salads of different varieties, but the most favorite are Lollo Rossa and Lollo Bionda with a wavy leaf of red and green. Nice mix of flavors and vitamins!
    I prepare the bed carefully: I dig it up on a shovel bayonet, pick out the roots of weeds, break up clods of earth and add half a bucket of humus to each square meter. Then I make shallow grooves, add them a little, thereby saving future seedlings from pests and ants, and sow the seeds at a distance of 5-7 cm from each other. I compact the soil a little and water the bed well with the rain method.
    After the emergence of seedlings, I thin out the crops.
    The main thing in caring for lettuce is regular watering, weed removal and loosening.
    He does not need top dressing: the leaves quickly accumulate nitrates. Lettuce grows quickly (about 30 days), and it has enough nutrition brought into the garden before sowing.
    If you like head lettuces, grow them better through seedlings in individual cassettes. Plant a 30-day-old plant in the garden, by this time the plants form about 4 true leaves. Further care for them is the same as for leaf varieties.

    Types of lettuce - growing, planting and care from A to Z

  3. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    The optimum temperature for lettuce is 10 to 18°C.
    Leaf lettuce is considered the earliest ripening.
    A beautiful lettuce will grow on fertile soils, with a neutral or slightly acidic reaction.
    Loves light and moisture. In hot weather, peduncles quickly form, the bitterness of the leaves increases.
    Head lettuce forms dense heads when the difference between day and night temperatures is less than 8 degrees.
    Likes abundant watering and constantly moist soil.

  4. Anna ROMANOVA, Orekhovo-Zuevo

    In order for the iceberg, Patrician, and Azart varieties of head lettuce to please with the harvest as early as possible, in early April I sow the seeds in seedlings and install them in the greenhouse. After sunset, I make sure that it is not colder than +10 degrees. If the temperature drops, I additionally cover with a film.
    I plant seedlings in open ground in the phase of two or three true leaves. I cover the first few nights of planting with a film. After the plants acclimatize and get stronger in a new place, there is no need for shelter. However, if frosts are expected to -5 degrees, and below, I cover the seedlings again. Headed salads can not only be eaten fresh, but also added instead of cabbage to cabbage soup and borscht? The only advice: add the salad at the end of cooking, 3-4 minutes before readiness, otherwise the tender leaves will boil. It turns out very tasty!

  5. Inna ROMANENKO, Kaluga

    How to get the earliest salad
    I prepare a place for winter sowing of 4 lettuce seeds in September. I choose the warmest, quietest and fastest drying place. I dig a shovel on a bayonet, form a bed, cover it with a film and leave it until the beginning of October. And by the way, I don’t sow seeds, but simply lay out the harvested lettuce plants on the ground, which bloomed and gave an arrow with seeds. I throw a thin layer of straw and spruce branches on them so that the wind does not blow everything around the site. I remove the shelter in early spring. As a rule, lettuce plants are already making their way under it.
    I tried to sow purchased seeds from a bag before winter. But for some reason there was no result, they did not rise ...

    • OOO "Sad"

      Most likely, the purchased ones did not germinate, because the lettuce seeds are very light and small. Under the influence of melt water, they go too deep into the ground and simply cannot break through.
      Another possible reason is that under the snow crust they have weathered.
      The variant of sowing with laying out the plants in the bed turned out to be better, because, firstly, the seeds lingered in the testicles and remained on the surface, and secondly, the number of seeds in this case is much greater than when sowing from a bag.
      Svetlana KRIVENKOVA, agronomist


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