1. Anastasia ROMANCHIK, Gorki

    So that "burdocks" do not grow instead of a head of cabbage

    For several years in a row, my cabbage did not want to form a head of cabbage, instead of which broad leaves similar to burdock grew. Once complained about the misfortune of a friend. And she asks how I fill the holes when planting seedlings and how I then feed the cabbage. It turned out that all my problems were because when planting seedlings in the holes, I threw a handful of fresh manure. Yes, and then often fed the mullein with infusion. Cabbage doesn't need it. Thanks to the advice of a friend, the next year we managed to grow strong large heads of cabbage. And all that was needed was to replace manure with humus and reduce fertilizing with mullein infusion to two per season (the first - two weeks after planting the seedlings, the second - 2-3 weeks after the first).
    And in mid-July, she made it a rule to spray cabbage with a solution of trace elements. I noticed that after that the crop is stored much better.


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