1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    people against pests
    I want to share my experience in enriching the land with folk remedies that I use in practice.
    It is good to plant onions and garlic in the aisles of currants and gooseberries against a kidney mite. You can also use tansy, elderberry, marigold, marigold - and you will never have a moth.

    From the wireworm, I advise you to make bait from potato peelings. To do this, you need to fill several cans with potato peels and bury them just below the soil level. After a few days, dig out the jars and shake their contents into a bucket of water. Overeating wireworms will quickly drown in it.
    Resinous litter (pine) does not allow weeds to grow.


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