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  1. A.S. Popova, Nizhny Novgorod

    I have long wanted to start a "bed" of cucumbers on the balcony. Recommend on which variety it is better to stop your choice, in which land to plant.

    • OOO "Sad"

      For growing on a balcony, it is better to select parthenocarpic (not requiring pollination) gherkin-type hybrids. Before buying seeds, be sure to look at the description on the back of the package. It should say that this hybrid is suitable for growing on a balcony, shade-tolerant, its lashes have short internodes. Good quality cucumbers on balconies give hybrids F1 City Cucumber, F1 Balcony, F1 Balcony Khrustik, F1 Hummingbird, F1 Home Miracle, F1 Balcony Miracle, F1 Trickster, F1 Balagan, Prestige F1, F1 Courage, F1 Masha, F1 Herman, F1 Emelya.

      Each plant needs a separate pot with drainage holes with a capacity of at least 5-7 liters. 2-3 cm of broken brick or expanded clay is poured at the bottom. Next, the pot is filled with a loose fertile mixture composed of 30% grassroots peat, 20% soddy soil, 40% humus and 10% sand. For every 10 liters, two matchboxes of complex mineral fertilizer (azofoska, nitrophoska) and a glass of crushed charcoal are added. It is very good to mix the already soaked hydrogel into the soil (up to 25% of the volume).
      It is advisable not to sow cucumbers immediately in large containers, but it is better to pre-grow seedlings. The duration of the seedling period is 21-25 days. You should also think in advance about the supports that will support the whips.

      A week after planting the seedlings, the first feeding is carried out, repeating them in the future once a week. Use complex fertilizer at the rate of 2,0-2,5 g/l. In the first top dressing, fertilizers are given with a predominance of nitrogen, and during the period of mass fruiting - potassium and phosphorus.

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    I want to plant cucumbers on a glazed balcony. Please let me know which varieties are best.

    • OOO "Sad"

      It is best to opt for parthenocarpic hybrids, they do not require pollination by insects, and only female flowers are tied in knots. It is also desirable that the bushes have short internodes, and the side shoots do not develop very actively, because there is not so much space on the balcony as on the garden. Among the most reliable for growing on balconies are the following hybrids:

      Midget F1 - early ripe, belongs to the group of gherkins. Fruits about 10 cm long, strongly tuberculate, universal purpose. Lateral stems are compact. Resistant to true and downy mildew, root rot;
      Homebody F1 - medium early, adapted for growing in room conditions. Zelentsy are cylindrical, with a smooth glossy surface, 14 cm long, 3,5-4 cm in diameter. Genetically free from bitterness.
      Resistant to powdery and downy mildew;
      Balcony miracle F1 - mid-season, with a small root system and compact stems. Fruits of the gherkin type, 10-12 cm long, weighing 110-140 g. The skin is smooth, with a small number of tubercles. Differs in high zavyazyvayemost greens in stressful conditions


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