1. E. Lifar Primorsky Krai

    The beds with strawberries are narrow -1,5 m. At first, I kept the rows. But somehow I let it take its course, and my strawberries "loosened". As a result - a solid carpet, and, to be honest, I was too lazy to punch rows in the carpet again or plant them in a bush on another bed.

    I cut strips the width of an ordinary sheet of writing paper from roofing felt, old linoleum, tarpaulin, and “dragged” the garden bed with them before winter. Then covered with grass. I didn't remove the stripes in the spring. In the summer between them, the harvest was good, the berries did not rot, as with a thickened, excuse me, neglected planting.
    The following summer, at the time of the formation of the mustache, I took off the stripes and rooted the mustache in the vacant place, formed new rows. By autumn, the plants got stronger, and for the winter I again covered them with roofing felt and grass. In the spring, he removed the shelter and pulled the strips over last year's fruit-bearing rows. Now it is their turn to die off, giving food to the roots of the "acting" rows. By periodically moving the strips, I partially free myself from work. Naturally, I do not forget about feeding and other preventive work.


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