1. Elena Pisarenko, Saratov region

    How to propagate honeysuckle
    I tried to cut cuttings and root like currants, but they did not take root. Then I decided to do this: I bent down the branches of honeysuckle that grow closer to the ground, fixed them in this position with wooden slingshots and piled up the places where the branches were in contact with the ground, compost and sawdust.
    Good honeysuckle seedlings are not easy to find in our area. For a long time I tried to propagate a bush of my favorite berries, but to no avail.
    I kept the sawdust and compost moist all the time. Soon the bent branches began to give young shoots.
    In autumn, I separated the young seedlings, which had already given roots, from the main bush with secateurs. And now I have 3 excellent honeysuckle bushes. They are 2 years old and last year each had 3-5 berries.


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