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  1. Andrei

    Tell me how specifically and quickly get rid of the wireworm.

    • OOO "Sad"

      If emergency measures are required, then only pesticides specially designed for wireworm control can help. Many of them have a complex effect and protect potatoes not only from soil pests and the Colorado potato beetle, but also from diseases (common scab, dry and wet rot, black leg), and weather stresses. However, they are recommended to be used for pre-planting treatment of tubers or for introduction into wells during planting. For use in private household plots are allowed:
      Taboo TRIO (the main active ingredient is imidacloprid). It is a set of three ampoules (Taboo + Sinclair + Zerebra Agro). Protects for 45 days also from the Colorado potato beetle, diseases and stress.
      Prestige, SC (has two a.i. - imidacloprid and pencycuron). Effective against gnawing and sucking pests (including soil-dwelling ones), as well as diseases. The protective action lasts 50 days. Russian analogues of the drug - Tuber-shield, KS; Patron, KS. Terradox, G (a.i. - diazonin). Effective against medvedka, wireworm, cabbage flies, and other soil pests. It is introduced into the soil at planting, valid for 30 days. Analogues - Grizzly, G; Provotoks, G. Preparations based on this active ingredient are not recommended for early ripe potato varieties.

      Of the autumn activities, sowing immediately after harvesting green manure yields a good effect (the most effective are mustard and phacelia).
      It is important not to leave for the winter and remove the remaining tubers and root crops from the site in time, thereby depriving the pest of a comfortable wintering. It is possible to get rid of most of the pests (from 50% to 90%), deeply - on the bayonet of a shovel - by digging the soil in the area in late autumn. This technique is especially effective if used together with the sowing of green manure.

  2. Leonid Zakrevsky

    A wireworm started up on the site. Changing the place for potatoes does not work. We tried to process tubers before planting with Prestige - it did not help. What to do?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - It is known that the wireworm loves acidic soil, so in the fall, add 200 g of slaked lime or 300 g of chalk (wood ash) per 1 sq.m of soil for digging. You can also use dolomite flour, but it will take 500 g per 1 sq.m of plot.
      In addition, fertilize the garden three times a year with ammonium nitrate or ammonium sulfate (25 g per 1 sq. M for spring and autumn digging, as well as dissolved in the middle of summer).
      Three times during the summer (in June, July and August), pour potatoes under the root with a solution of potassium permanganate (2 g per bucket of water). Pour 1 tbsp under the bush. If this set of measures does not help, you will have to resort to the help of insecticides (Barguzin, Pochin). Remember that these drugs are poisonous, so use them strictly according to the instructions on the package.

  3. Alexander DUKHANOV, Moscow

    We defeated the wireworm!

    For several years we struggled with the wireworm - nothing helped ... The number of pests was constantly increasing. Then friends suggested that first you need to improve the composition of the soil (for example, green manure). In September, oil-bearing radish and rapeseed were sown for subsequent plowing. The following year, lupine was grown on the plot, and in the fall everything was sown with rapeseed. Before the snow fell, the rape rose, and in the spring it quickly began to grow. In mid-May, they mowed it down and plowed the greens. Immediately after that, potatoes of the Zhuravinka variety were planted. By autumn, not a single tuber damaged by a wireworm was found! Now in the fall, immediately after harvesting potatoes, I sow rapeseed - and there is no wireworm!


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