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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Marigolds will scare away pests
    The year before last, I noticed that my dacha neighbors never walk around the garden with a sprayer among their cabbages. That is, they do not fight with a cabbage butterfly! A neighbor shared her experience, and I used it last year.
    I planted marigolds next to cabbage seedlings. These flowers can be called orderlies of the garden. Their smell repels nematodes, whiteflies, aphids, weevils, onion flies, and all pest butterflies. At the same time attracts bees.

    I’ll add on my own that if, for example, marigolds are planted near cucumber beds, then the yield of cucumbers will increase markedly.

  2. Ekaterina HARCHEVKINA, Bryanskaya obl.

    I plant marigolds wherever there is a free piece of land. These plants are used in the fight against aphids. I cut the marigolds during the flowering period along with the stem, dry it, chop it, put it in a bucket and fill it with warm water. Approximately 1-5 liters are needed for 7 kg of dry raw materials. I insist 3 days, then filter and add 3 tbsp. liquid soap. I spray fruit trees and berry bushes in dry calm weather. Very satisfied with the result!

  3. Tatiana ZAKHARIEVA

    Tagetes in all its glory

    When buying perennials for a summer residence, my grandmother-florist offered me a bunch of seedlings of marigolds (tagetes) as a gift. Their stalks were small and frail, not particularly attractive, but I still did not dare to refuse.

    At home, she carefully separated the tangled roots and planted the plant from the edge of the flower bed at a distance of about 10 cm from each other. My soil is heavy and clayey. I did not believe that the frail-looking "crumbs" would survive. Imagine my surprise when the bushes took root and added a good green mass every week. And in the middle of summer, the first yellow and orange baskets of flowers bloomed!
    Minimum attention
    Marigolds turned out to be the most unpretentious garden flowers. They forgave me both unsuitable soil and rare watering with top dressing. But for minimal care, they thanked with chic flowering until frost. And at the beginning of autumn, I managed to collect my seeds. This season I will definitely decorate flower beds with hardy marigolds.

  4. Elena Kiryashina, Ulyanovsk

    Even beginners can grow marigolds. They are unpretentious in care, grow quickly, bloom for a long time, and there are many varieties and colors of them.

    Marigolds propagate by seeds. They can be sown in the ground in late autumn, and the following year, thin out or plant seedlings. Or you can grow seedlings in the spring and plant them after the end of the frost.

    I prefer the seedling method. I sow marigolds for seedlings at the end of April in ready-made soil for flowers. I shed the grooves with a weak solution of potassium permanganate and evenly distribute the seeds to a depth of about a centimeter. I put a sticker on the container with the name of the variety and the date of sowing. Before the emergence of seedlings, I cover the container with a film and periodically moisten the surface of the soil. Shoots appear on the 5-7th day. After that, I remove the package and put the container in a bright place. I water 1-2 times a week, avoiding waterlogging of the soil (marigolds are prone to black leg disease). At the stage of two true leaves, the seedlings dive into separate cups or cassettes.
    Seedling care - hardening on the loggia, moderate watering and once every two weeks top dressing with liquid fertilizer for flowers.
    In the first decade of June, I plant marigolds in the ground in a sunny place, adding 30 g of nitroammophoska per 1 sq.m. I place the holes at a distance of 15-25 cm from each other, depending on the variety.

    In the future, I weed the plantings, water moderately, loosen the soil. Two or three times a season I feed the plants with phosphorus-potassium fertilizer in liquid form for lush and long flowering.

  5. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Every year I grow seedlings of marigolds. Frankly, I'm tired. And gardeners have little time in the spring. Tell me, is it possible to sow the seeds of this plant before winter? Will the hard work go to waste?
    Ekaterina Grigorievna

    • OOO "Sad"

      This seeding has its advantages. First, marigolds bloom earlier. Secondly, you do not need to mess with seedlings.
      To sow marigolds in the fall, it is necessary to prepare a site for them in advance, and then wait until stable frosts come. This will allow the seeds not to germinate ahead of time. At the chosen place, you need to fertilize the soil, apply at the rate of 1 sq. m 2 kg of humus and 1 liter of wood ash. Dig up the site, and then make shallow grooves and leave it in this form until frost sets in.
      After sowing, the soil must be mulched with pre-prepared soil so that the seeds do not freeze out with the onset of winter cold. The optimal dates in Belarus and central Russia for marigolds come in November. I want to note that this plant cannot be sown in areas where there is high humidity and very little light.


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