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  1. Tatiana RUDENKO

    Recharging for seeds
    Every spring, before sowing, I arrange such recharging for the seeds of vegetable crops. I heat melted snow or rain water to 70 degrees, put fabric bags with seeds into it. I keep it until the water cools down. After such a procedure, even old and expired seeds germinate well. And my dacha neighbor says that pre-sowing seed treatment for 1-2 hours in any growth stimulant diluted with melt water also gives good results.

  2. Mikhail NAUMOV, agronomist, Gorki

    If there are seeds of a long-standing collection or they are already expired, their viability can be determined using folk methods.

    Large (castor bean, ornamental sunflower, sweet pea, broad-leaved rank, etc.)
    Dissolve 1-30 g of table salt in 50 liter of water, mix for 5 minutes. defend to precipitate, and the seeds are already poured with a clean solution. Within an hour, the seeds that are still suitable for sowing will sink to the bottom. And the empty ones, without germs, will rise to the surface - they are thrown away. The rest are washed with running water, dried and sown.

    Small (begonia, petunia, lobelia, ageratum, snapdragon, etc.)
    Sorted with an electrified plastic stick. To do this, the seeds are scattered in a thin layer on a sheet of paper, after which a stick, previously rubbed with a woolen cloth, is passed over them at a distance of about 2 cm. As a result, empty specimens stick to it

  3. Zhanna BELIKOVA

    Unfortunately, last year I ended up in the hospital and all my seedlings withered. To say that I was offended is to say nothing.
    The only good thing was that there was still time. I can’t buy ready-made seedlings, my pension is not always enough for medicines.
    In the seed store, I was advised to sow tomato seeds immediately in the greenhouse. I ventured to purchase non-stepchildren varieties Yamal, Nepas 14 and Dachnik.
    Non-stepping tomatoes pleasantly surprised me. Seedlings quickly began to grow, the plants did not hurt anything. The fruits ripened quickly and uniformly. This is such a nice discovery!
    And from the classic varieties, my favorites are Batyanya, Bulgarian miracle, Sugar bison, White filling, Andromeda.


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