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  1. Innokenty Valeryanovich

    An unpleasant feature of the gooseberry is the abundance of thorns, which make it difficult to care for the plant and pick berries. I know that there are thornless varieties. What can you recommend? Give, please, their characteristics.

    • OOO "Sad"

      Modern gooseberry varieties have a small number of thorns, which do not impede either care or fruit picking. I have tested two such varieties, which also give large berries with stable annual yields.
      Grossular is a mid-early variety created at the I. V. Michurin All-Russian Research Institute of Horticulture. The bush is vigorous, the shoots are medium, straight and therefore look compact. The thorns are rare, few in number, and do not interfere with harvesting at all. Berries are large,
      7-9 g, oval, light green, with thin skin, sweet and sour taste, tender, with a refreshing aroma. Because of their elongated shape from a distance, they resemble grapes. The variety is drought-resistant, winter-hardy, not affected by powdery mildew.
      There are many different opinions about the Grossular variety, some gardeners are unhappy with the taste of the berry. I really like the variety - productivity, almost complete absence of thorns, compact bush, original elongated berry.
      In the Rodnik variety, berries are rated much higher in taste than in Grossular. This gooseberry comes from the Moscow Fruit and Berry Experimental Station (now VSTISP). The bush is medium-sized, upright, dense. The spines are single, sparse, the degree of spininess is medium. The berries are large, weighing 5-7 g, one-dimensional, round-oval, yellowish-green. The taste is sweet and sour, dessert. The variety is winter-hardy, fruitful, highly self-fertile, resistant to diseases. The disadvantages include the shedding of ripe berries after rainy weather.

      agronomist Alexander Vasilievich LUKSHIN, Mordovia, p. Elniki


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