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  1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    seedling secret

    I plant tomato seedlings in 200-gram cups. In the 20th of February (in a month) I dive into the greenhouse. From April 1 to April 10, I take out the seedlings with a clod of earth and plant them every 10 cm (20 cm between rows), put arcs, cover with non-woven material, then with a film. On top of any white material. A month later, I plant tomatoes in a spacious greenhouse. Seedlings are strong, hardened, not overgrown.

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    About planting in separate holes, about mud when watering, about the fact that you have to dig in two or three steps (although, I think, no one digs a bed so many times), and talks about his agricultural technology.

    I don't see any difficulty. In the greenhouse I plant only tall tomatoes, and in open beds, undersized and medium varieties. I dig, make holes with a shovel, add vermiculite, ash, 1 tsp. superphosphate, mix everything with my hand and plant the seedlings to the depth of the cup in which it grew. Immediately I drop a plastic bottle with the neck cut off at the bottom, and I fall asleep with my hands. I water and feed directly into the bottle - nutrition immediately goes to the roots of tomatoes.
    There is no dirt, and it is not necessary to loosen, since the earth is not compacted. I put the arcs, I put on the film. Everything is very simple and fast.
    And before, about six years ago, when I didn’t use bottles, I simply spudded tomatoes along the garden, and I got two ditches into which I watered.

    Yes, you need to store stakes and bottles somewhere, but they do not take up much space. I fold the stakes, tie them up and put them behind the bathhouse. I also have a bookcase where I put the bottles. And since I have a lot of them, they are in two more bags of cat food. Places are kept to a minimum. I think everyone has some kind of nook. Five-liter bottles (they all come with handles) I string on a rope and hang on a fence


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