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  1. Antonina Bochenkovo, Moscow region

    We got a plot, and it's all overgrown with horseradish. What to do?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Horseradish is a perennial plant. Getting rid of it on the site is quite problematic because of the powerful, highly branched root system, which penetrates to a depth of up to 3 m in a few years.
      It is almost impossible to destroy the thickets of this plant in one season. The easiest way to deal with it is to treat the site with herbicides Lornet, Fighter, Clorite, Gazontrel and others approved for use in personal subsidiary plots. Spray in the spring, in the early stages of growth at a foliage height of 10-15 cm.
      But one treatment may not be enough. Therefore, after the regrowth of surviving plants, repeat spraying in the second half of summer - early autumn.

      In early spring, the site can be dug up with a garden pitchfork, gently pulling the roots out of the soil. It is undesirable to dig up the area with a shovel, as the roots are cut, divided into small pieces and it is difficult to pick them out of the soil. If possible, the site is better to plow deeply with a plow. After carefully select all the roots, regardless of their thickness and length, and destroy. Then the soil is leveled by harrowing and left in this state until autumn, so that young horseradish plants appear, which are destroyed by herbicides.
      An easier way to deal with horseradish can be to repeatedly mow the green mass throughout the growing season to deplete the root system.
      In late summer and early autumn, young green leaves are sprayed with one of the above herbicides.


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