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  1. Evgenia Mikhailovna

    Any advice on how to get snapdragons to bloom early?

    • OOO "Sad"

      The first condition is growing through seedlings. Seeds are sown in the second half of March. They are so small that they are not embedded in the soil, but only sprinkled with dry earth. In the future, it is necessary to maintain moderate humidity and make sure that the soil does not dry out.

      After 1,5 weeks shoots appear. Since at first the seedlings grow very slowly, so as not to flood the soil with water, they are sprayed. And when the first 3-4 leaves appear on the plants, snapdragons are fed with a weak solution of ammonium nitrate. And at the end of May -beginning of June, they are planted in a permanent place in a flower bed, maintaining a distance of at least 20 cm between plants.
      A sunny place is what a flower needs, which also loves rich, fertile and loose soils. His care is normal.


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