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  1. Timofei Rodionovich DEMENTIEV

    I heard that you can cause a second wave of fruiting zucchini. How to do it?

    • OOO "Sad"

      By the end of July, when the main crop of zucchini is harvested, many gardeners believe that the plant has exhausted its potential and remove it from the garden. And thus they miss the opportunity to get almost the same number of fruits in the last month of summer and in autumn. To do this, it is necessary to carry out measures to rejuvenate the bushes, but only those that have not affected the disease.
      First of all, it is necessary to remove all old and lying leaves on the ground, and also thin out the middle of the bush so that it is better lit. Immediately you should feed the bushes with a solution of urea (1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water). And every other day you need to spray the plants with an infusion of wood ash: pour a liter jar of stove fertilizer with a bucket of boiling water, mix thoroughly and leave for a day.

      If the zucchini of the first wave are concentrated on long lashes, then in the second half of summer, short shoots appear in plants. The fruits of the next wave will form on them.

      A week later, zucchini is fed with mullein (1:10), consumption - 1 liter per plant. Once a week, the bushes should be sprayed with "Epinom-extra" (1 ml per 5 liters of water), and in September, "Fitosporin-M" (1 tsp per 2 liters of water) is included in the treatment schedule (XNUMX tsp per XNUMX liters of water), alternating a biofungicide with a biostimulator.

      If the nights are cold, planting zucchini should be covered with non-woven material.

  2. Nina Storozheva

    I love them so much, I've tried many different varieties. I stopped at two: these are Kavili and Aral. Beautiful, tasty zucchini grow, the bush is compact, up to ten fruits ripen on it at the same time. From zucchini I chose the Tsukesha variety, we'll see.
    I bought Terracotta varieties of carrots, I like that they are produced in granules, I plant one at a time, and then I don’t have to pull out the excess and thin out the garden. Pablo chose the beets.

    I also love beans. Combines utility and beauty. I have proven varieties - Fatima (bright green, narrow pods), Bluehilda (with purple flowers and pods). But the cowpea disappointed me. Plants were attacked by insects that could not be dealt with.


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