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  1. Olga Yakovleva

    I noticed on the still green fruits of pepper round holes, like holes. Who is harming my plants? How to deal with a pest?

    • OOO "Sad"

      — The fruits were damaged by the cotton bollworm. It began to spread to colder regions (most likely, this is not due to warming, but to the manifestation of the armyworm’s resistance to cold).

      Cutworm caterpillars damage vegetables; in addition to eating leaves, they can also penetrate fruits. Another option is for a butterfly to lay eggs on the stamen filaments during the flowering of the pepper. Thus, the eggs end up inside the fruit, and caterpillars hatch from them, which come out, gnawing through the flesh of the pepper. In any case, the pest must be controlled with insecticides. The safest is Fitoverm (according to the instructions). More toxic, but at the same time most effective - Iskra-M, Karbofos, Fufanon.


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