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  1. Alexander Zharavin, agronomist, city of Kirov

    Wireworms are the larvae of click beetles. These polyphagous pests are dangerous to corn, onions, sunflowers, and potatoes. The wireworm gnaws passages both in the roots of plants and in tubers and root crops. Getting rid of it is difficult, but possible. However, this must be done comprehensively.

    1. Be sure to weed out weeds, especially wheatgrass.
    2. In the fall, you need to lime the area (half a liter jar of chalk per 1 sq.m of soil for digging), and in the spring add phosphorus (30 g of superphosphate per 1 sq.m).
    3. It is important to dig or plow the soil deeply in spring and autumn and hill up the potatoes.
    4. It is necessary to strictly observe crop rotation: it is advisable to plant annual legumes before potatoes and root crops.
    5. It’s a good idea to spread poisoned bait around the area before planting potatoes. Potato pieces should be soaked for a day in any systemic insecticide, buried shallowly in different places, placing sticks nearby. Dig out traps once a day and replace them with fresh ones if necessary.
    6. It would be a good idea to sow white mustard on the plot before growing potatoes, and when it grows to a height of 15 cm, plant its greens in the soil.
    7. Areas heavily infested with wireworms can be treated with Vasudin. 20 g of the drug should be mixed with a liter jar of sand. 1 tsp Add the mixture to each hole before planting potatoes.

  2. Lidia SOLOVYEVA, Shumilino

    For several years in a row I harvested a good potato harvest. The only trouble was that the tubers were eaten away by wireworms. Whatever I did to get rid of the misfortune!

    I changed the plot and treated the tubers with Prestige before planting, but the result was the same - damage to the potatoes. A simple piece of advice my neighbor gave me helped reduce the number of pests. Before planting, I added 30 g of ammonium sulfate per 1 sq.m. for digging. In the summer I carefully pulled out the weeds. I didn’t take any further measures against the pest, but I was very pleased with the result. There was much less damage to the crop.

  3. Elena Pisarenko, Saratov region

    How to deal with wireworm?

    Many summer residents suffer from wireworms. These yellowish-brown, wire-like larvae live only in moist soil layers at a depth of 10-12 cm.
    There are several ways to deal with wireworms. The first is to dig up the soil in the fall. The larvae will reach the upper layers and die in winter. Some of the larvae die in the summer when loosening the soil between rows to a depth of 10-12 cm. And you need to remember that the main food of the wireworm in the area is wheatgrass.
    You can also treat the soil with garlic infusion. To do this, you need to chop 200 g of garlic cloves, add water several times and squeeze. After 3-4 days, strain the solution, add up to 10 liters and begin cultivating the soil.

  4. Irina Kryazhina, Orekhovo-Zuevo

    Bury wireworm bait

    If there is a wireworm on the site, it will ruin the entire potato harvest. Chemical pest control products do not always give good results. And for those who do not want to use chemistry, there is another way.

    In late autumn, in the area where you plan to plant potatoes, bury the potatoes on the bayonet of a shovel at a distance of 80-90 cm from each other and mark them with sticks. Wireworms from nearby places will gather in these potatoes.
    In early spring, as soon as the ground thaws, potatoes marked with sticks should be dug up and burned.
    But! If this operation is not carried out in time, the pest will spread throughout the area, and its number will increase significantly.

    In the first year, the largest amount of wireworm “harvest” will be collected, but it will not be possible to get rid of it completely. The procedure will need to be repeated 1-2 more times. To achieve the full effect, not only you, but also all your neighbors need to get rid of wireworms.

  5. Polina SKOROBOGATOVA, Brest

    How I chased a wireworm

    One of the problems that plagues me when growing potatoes is wireworms. I struggled with pests for a long time, but a neighbor’s advice helped. In early spring, I cut out eyes from last year's potatoes. I diluted 40 g of the Terra-dox preparation in 1,5 liters of water, kept the tubers in the solution for two days, put each bait on a stick and buried it a meter apart in the future potato plot, so that part of the stick stuck out above the ground. Before planting potatoes, I dug up and burned the peeled potatoes.


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