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  1. Natalya ZARUBINA, Voronezh

    I bought the dacha in the winter, one might say, blindly, so I saw my garden for the first time only in the spring. Apple trees, cherries, plums - everything was blooming and fragrant. But after taking a closer look, I discovered that not everything was so rosy... The branches of different trees were intertwined with each other, lichens settled on the trunks, and aphids and copperheads were at work on some apple trees. In short, urgent measures were required.
    I prepared a garlic infusion for aphids. I'm sharing the recipe. Pour hot water (2 liters) over 300 g of unpeeled garlic cloves minced through a meat grinder and leave for 8 hours. After this, strain, squeeze, add 30 liters of water and add XNUMX g of grated laundry soap. I sprayed the garden with the infusion early in the morning in several sprays. The aphids could not withstand such procedures and practically disappeared.

    And she drove away the copperhead with smoke. In the evening, in calm weather, she laid out armfuls of wet straw in different places in the garden, sprinkled tobacco dust on it, set it on fire and left it to smoke for two hours. The smoke attack was carried out for three days in a row. It helped - the copperhead was gone.

  2. Nikolay STANOVOY

    Our family adheres to the principles of natural farming, so we get rid of numerous pests using available biological means.
    Against ticks, larvae and adult aphids in the spring, at the beginning of bud break, I treat trees with such infusions. I pour 200 g of dry onion peel into 10 liters of warm water, leave for 4-5 days, filter. I grind 0,5 kg of garlic, add water in a three-liter jar, leave for 5 days in a warm, dark room. Then I filter and dilute 100 ml of infusion in 10 liters of water (I also add 50 g of grated laundry soap for better adhesion).

    I infuse green leaves and rhizomes of dandelion (200-300 g of crushed roots or 400 g of chopped leaves) in 10 liters of water for 2-3 hours, filter and use immediately.
    To scare away codling moth butterflies, pour 200 g of needle-bearing summer growth of pine and spruce with 3 tbsp. water and leave it in a dark place for a week. Before spraying, dilute with water (1:10).

    • OOO "Sad"

      During the period when the codling moth caterpillars hatch, which coincides with the beginning of the shedding of the excess ovary (June), it is useful to treat the garden with biological preparations. Bitoxibacillin (40-80 g per 10 liters of water) Lepidocid (20-30 g per 10 liters of water) have proven themselves well. After 7-8 days, it is advisable to repeat the spraying.

      Raisa MATVEEVA, Cand. Biol. science

  3. Antonina Medvedeva, Krasnodar region

    Infusion against pests on eggplant
    If pests appear on eggplants (fleas, Colorado potato beetle and others), I spray them with an infusion that has long proven its effectiveness on my plantings.
    I grind 5 kg of green flowers of garden chamomile (together with the stems), add 100 g of dry mustard (powder), 100 g of garlic passed through the garlic, mix everything, pour 10 liters of warm water and set to infuse for a day.
    Before spraying eggplant bushes, I prepare a solution of 3 kg of concentrated infusion and 10 liters of water. I mix and process the bushes well. I try to do it in the evening.


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