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  1. Irina Karpova, r.p. Bazarny Karabulak, Saratov region

    Every year I plant 5-6 new varieties of tomatoes, but for more than 10 years Katya F1 and Pink Katya F1 have been unchanged
    Katya does not let me down in any weather. She has a good taste, sings early, we start eating greenhouse from mid-June until frost.
    Her fruits do not crack, they are almost the same size. I let the red Katya go for processing, and we eat the pink one fresh - it is sweeter.
    I sow tomatoes after March 20 in purchased soil, adding vermiculite and ash. Before sowing, I treat the seeds for 2 hours with a cocktail of Gamair biobactericide and Alirin-B biofungicide, 5 tablets per 1 liter of water. I also spill the earth with Gliocladin (1 tablet per 0,5 l of water). I sow tomatoes for the street in boxes, and for the greenhouse - in separate glasses.
    Since there is not always humus for the beds, I feed the tomatoes with Fertika Kristalen Tomato fertilizer. For a good harvest, calcium supplements are still needed. My tomatoes practically do not get sick, I think, thanks to the processing of seeds, they have good immunity.
    In the greenhouse, the problem for me was the whitefly. I read "The Best Way to Warm Up the Soil" about growing tomatoes under plastic wrap. After I began to cover the ground with a film on the advice of the author of the article, the whitefly disappeared. Here is a useful side effect.

    Brad's Atomic Grapes and Other Tomato Varieties - Description and My Reviews

  2. Nina Martynova, Penza

    I don’t really like orange tomatoes, but I made an exception for the Southern Tan variety a long time ago. It has very tasty sweet fruits with a slight sourness.

    The fruit itself is golden, large, and there is a lot of it on the bush. All the time new branches are formed and fruits appear, we collect until autumn in the open field. True, the bush itself does not differ in beauty, but it does not matter.

    I also like the Liana tomato - there are pink and red varieties. Tomatoes 200-300 g, even. They hang on branches in pairs on both sides, they look like butterflies.
    Last year, a neighbor gave Megabyte tomato seeds, the fruits lay for a long time, the last ones were eaten on January 2, although the taste was no longer very good. But I also sowed the seeds themselves late, right in the open ground. I want to plant again this year - an interesting variety, a bush with leaves, like a potato. Well, the opportunity to have your own tomatoes until January is inspiring. □

    Brad's Atomic Grapes and Other Tomato Varieties - Description and My Reviews


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