1. A.M. Menshov, Mezhdurechensk


    The secret of my harvest, I think, is in the correct placement of the beds. Maybe someone will benefit from my experience.
    I divide my plot of 10 x 10 m into ridges. I make them 45 cm wide. I leave 60 cm between them. I consider this sufficient.
    I don’t use mineral fertilizers, I use organics: a solution of ash and an infusion of herbs. I plant the grown seedlings of tomatoes after 18 cm in 1 stem. If I see that the bushes are crowded, then I tilt them slightly in different directions and tie them to the supports. If you look, standing at the beginning of the ridge, the row looks like a boat. Beautiful.
    Care: remove weeds, water, feed. I use a solution of mullein (1 liter per 10 liters of water), an infusion of ash (1 tbsp. per 10 liters of water), an infusion of comfrey - 1/2 bucket of leaves I fill to the top with water and insist for a day. I water 2 liters under a bush, diluting 1 liter of infusion in 10 liters of water. I also water other plantings. If you add dark roots to the infusion of comfrey, you get a fertilizer that enriches the soil with nitrogen and potassium. In terms of composition, the infusion can be compared with the best branded fertilizers, it is like an “ambulance” for all plants.
    From one hundred square meters I collect a good harvest of tomatoes, onions, garlic, cabbage, beets and greens.


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