1. Valentina and Nikolay GRIBACHEV, a/g Ovsyanka.

    Roses near the house are our pride. At the same time, caring for flowers is simple.
    We do not cut the bushes for the winter. Carefully bend to the ground, fasten with hooks to the soil, make a wire frame over the plants and cover with a film in two layers. In the thaw in winter, open the ends for ventilation.
    In the spring, we remove the shelter in warm, but cloudy weather. We cut dry branches and shorten the tops by 10-20 cm to stimulate their growth.
    In May, sprinkle the ground around the bushes with dry fertilizer (mix superphosphate, potassium, ammonium nitrate in equal parts) 3 times every 2 weeks.
    In the summer, once a month, spray the roses with a solution of superphosphate. In dry weather, water the rose garden in the evenings.
    Cut off flower stalks after flowering.


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