1. Maria IZOTOVA, Belgorod Region

    We live in our house. My kids have been trying to persuade me to get a dog for years. I was not against it, but I was afraid for the flower beds. So that the pet did not negate my work, I had to try.

    Divided the space into zones, allocated a territory for the dog to play. She was paved with stone. They took a shady place so that the blind area does not get too hot. They also paved the place in front of the entrance to the house, so that the dog would leave at least some of the dirt from its paws there before entering. Garden flowers had to be fenced with a border. Trees and shrubs were also protected from "attack" with a garden net. Since it is vital for dogs to mark the boundaries of their territory, I do not plant ornamental plants along the fence, which can simply wither away from the efforts of a conscientious guard. Gravel was poured along the fence, and a hedge was planted at a distance of 0,5 m from the fence to hide these “sentinel marks”. We identified a place behind the house, strewn with gravel, for the natural needs of the dog in case it is not possible to walk with the dog.
    And I also had to carefully study which plants are toxic to dogs, and abandon those.


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