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  1. A. NIKONOV Republic of Tatarstan

    Do currants need sunshine? According to some experts, currants need only a sunny place. But on my site currant bushes; planted at a distance of 1 m from the house and are in partial shade until almost 11 am. But the yield is high. Moreover, rather large, juicy and tender berries ripen in early July - no later than on currants in neighboring areas in the sun.
    I am convinced that plants have enough of the solar energy that they receive in the afternoon. After all, the June day lasts up to 22 hours, and this is exactly the period during which the intensive ripening of berries occurs.
    Of course, most plants love the sun. But do they have to be baked in the heat from sunrise to sunset? My currants liked moderately sunny growing conditions. Apparently, the currant feels comfortable, and therefore bestows full-fledged berries.

  2. Yulianna Pulenkova, Krasnodar region

    Currant seedlings for three months
    Everyone knows that it takes a year or even two to grow a seedling of many crops. But you can grow excellent seedlings with a 100% survival rate in three months. And it's not difficult at all.
    In late January or early February, I cut cuttings with 5-8 buds from the annual shoots of the most productive bushes and immediately put them in glass jars with water, which I change weekly. I add a couple of grains of complete (universal) garden fertilizer to the water. I put the container on a bright window.
    In May, when the probability of frost is already minimal, the cuttings form an excellent root system and shoots with a length of IQ-15 cm - these are seedlings of the desired variety ready for planting. By the autumn of the same year, with good care, they turn into powerful bushes.
    The first harvest of berries can be harvested next fall.

    Planting blackcurrant - pit preparation and further care


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