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  1. Oleg Efimov, a/g Dubrovka

    Some pumpkin fruits stopped growing, covered with a white hard coating. Is it possible to correct the situation and save the remaining plants from the disease?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - With a high degree of probability, this is a matter of potassium or phosphorus deficiency. In this case, the normal development and formation of fruits does not occur, and the pumpkin bark begins to cork.
      Try to feed the pumpkins with potassium sulfate and superphosphate - 15 g per 1 sq.m of soil. Do not grow pumpkin in the same place, observe crop rotation, try not to overwater the plants.

  2. Olga GRIBKO

    My Cucumber Super Yield System

    In order for cucumbers to please the harvest from summer to cold weather, I take care of the beds according to such a system.
    When 3-4 leaves are formed on the plants, I dilute 30 drops of iodine in a bucket of water, add 20 g of grated laundry soap and 1 liter of milk, spray the borage. I repeat the procedure after 10 days.
    At the time of mass flowering, I dissolve 10 liters of whey and 2 g of sugar in 150 liters of water. I plentifully process the bushes, and then pour 1 liter of the composition under each plant. This significantly increases the number of ovaries.
    In June and early July, in the evening, I soak a loaf of black bread in 10 liters of water, knead it in the morning, add a vial of iodine, and filter it. I dilute 1 liter of liquid in 10 liters of water and spray cucumbers. I dilute the remaining infusion with water 1: 5, water the plants under the root (0 l per bush).
    Since mid-summer, I have been processing cucumbers with this composition. I fill a liter jar of onion peel with 10 liters of water, bring to a boil, remove from heat, close the lid, insist 12-14 hours and filter. I dilute with water 1:4. Once every 2 weeks I spray abundantly on the leaves.
    Also, starting from mid-summer, every 10-14 days I process cucumbers with a solution of fresh (uncooked) whey or yogurt (1: 5).

    • OOO "Sad"

      The author proposed a rather sophisticated system for caring for cucumbers. Although, if you look, there is a sense in each of the proposed recipes.
      The first mixture, due to iodine and soap, protects against diseases, and milk feeds plants.
      Whey with sugar is a good top dressing, which can also have a good effect on the taste of cucumbers.
      Yeast from the bread composition also “feeds” well.
      Onion husks increase the immunity of plants and protect against a spider mite.

      Nikolai CHROMOV, Cand. of sciences


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