1. Irina Gurieva, Ph.D. corp. FNTS them. Michurin

    Scheme for dahlias
    Many flower growers prefer to plant dahlias in early summer. Choose a wind-sheltered and well-lit area with nutrient soil. Do not plant dahlias in a place where asters have previously grown or plants that have been affected by fungal diseases. Be sure to adhere to this scheme: plant dahlias of undersized varieties at a distance of 0,5 m, and leave 1 m between tall ones.

    Clematis: pruning and top dressing
    Clematis in June are actively growing. To form a bush, remove all weak shoots, and lift the strong ones onto supports. Just remember that clematis have fairly brittle shoots, so tie them up carefully. As soon as budding begins, feed the plants with mullein infusion (1:10), adding 150 g of wood ash to Yule. Irrigation rate - 1 liter of the composition under the bush.

    Take care of your gladiolus
    Do not forget to often loosen and weed the soil under the gladioli. To stimulate growth during the formation of the fourth, and then the sixth leaf, feed the plants with a solution of nitroammophoska (1 tbsp per bucket of water is the norm per 1 sq.m).


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