1. Alexandra GURIN

    We propagate honeysuckle by layering

    I propagate the evergreen winter-hardy fragrant honeysuckle (honeysuckle), the vines of which grow up to 6 m in length, by green layering. In the second half of August, I lay the long vines of the plant on the ground, sprinkle it in several places with a mixture of soil and sand (1:1), secure it with small homemade staples made of thick wire, and water it. I make sure to mulch the soil around it. Additionally, I don’t care for the cuttings in any way: they receive all their nutrients from the mother plant. In early spring, before the buds open, I cut off the rooted cuttings from the mother plant, carefully (so as not to damage the roots) dig them up and replant them in a permanent place.

    I water young plants often. They bloom in the 3rd year in June and delight with their fragrant flowers for 2-3 weeks. I water adult plants as needed, and in early spring I always prune them lightly, giving them the desired shape.


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