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  1. OOO "Sad"

    The second half of summer is a dangerous period for the onset of many fungal and bacterial infections. At every step, advice is full of spraying and applying milk or whey with iodine on a sheet. In fact, this is a big risk - such a method, on the contrary, can cause an outbreak of infection. Iodine in a meager concentration below 1% is useless.
    And milk contains amino acids and provokes the disease. Any useful top dressing - succinic acid, amino acids, minerals, whey, humates, milk - are good only for healthy plants, according to a healthy leaf. They feed them, give strength, building material and energy. But all this love and microorganisms. And if the first signs of diseases have begun, any of these dressings will benefit the infection and give it the strength to reproduce. You can make things worse! Therefore, if you find the onset of the disease, stop feeding on the sheet, everything is only under the root. According to the sheet, you can only give drugs to combat diseases and pests.

    Olga Ezhkina, Vologda

  2. Svetlana Lobanova, Surazh

    I saw vials of iodine hung in the neighbors' greenhouse. Why is this needed?

    • OOO "Sad"

      - There is a myth that iodine vapor will help prevent late blight. But the benefits for plants are doubtful, there is no documented evidence. The active substance (iodine) is in a bottle and does not get on the plants. The alcohol that evaporates from the container does not contain iodine. Therefore, use the iodine solution for its intended purpose, that is, to disinfect damage to the skin. To protect plants from pests and diseases, there are specialized and more effective preparations.

  3. Alina Svetlova, Rostov region

    Nettle dressing for cucumbers

    As soon as the first shoots of cucumbers appear, I feed them for the first time. Then I do this every two weeks - throughout the entire period of fruiting. Fertilizer grows here, next to the beds - this is nettle.
    I grind the leaves and stems, pour hot water over it and leave it to ferment in the sun for a week. I try to mix more often. You can fill the nettle with cold water, but then the fermentation process will take longer. I filter the fermented infusion, then add 10 liters of this infusion to every 2 liters of water. And I water the cucumbers. Fertilized - and poured clean water.

    Cucumber beds can also be sprayed, but then the solution needs to be made weaker - 1 liter per 20 liters of water.
    Fertilizer is stored (closed) well, almost does not lose nutritional value. Therefore, the remaining concentrated solution can be filtered and poured into eggplants or plastic canisters.


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