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  1. Vera Nikolaeva, Volzhsk, Mari El

    In the spring, aphids appeared in the greenhouse. It never happened. And green soap leaves of soap, and diluted ammonia sprayed. Aphids disappeared, but for 3-5 days. It seems that I went through all the folk remedies, and my peppers and eggplants became more and more yellow every day. I was afraid that this year I would not have either lecho or caviar. But she began to deal with the greenhouse more carefully.

    To begin with, I removed all the badly affected leaves, plucked out the flowers and rare ovaries. The plants were sprinkled with "Epin", and then with another folk "potion", fed with infusion of mullein. Three days later I sprayed again with homegrown insecticide. And so every three to five days. Didn't leave any chance. With each watering, I began to add a weak solution of gumi to the water so that its color began to resemble sleeping tea. From time to time, instead of gumi, she added a little infusion of grass or manure to the water.
    Gradually, the aphids disappeared, and the plants straightened out and matured before our eyes. I stopped fertilizing watering, only from time to time I fed it as usual - with infusions of herbs and manure. Peppers and eggplants are bearing fruit. Winter preparations have started on time!

  2. Inna Politykina, Gatchina

    I have a great recipe for a peppery smoothie that drives aphids, ants, slugs crazy and frees up garden beds quickly.
    Pour hot red pepper (about 25 g) with boiling water (0 l) and leave for 5-3 hours. The pepper infusion should cool, after which we pour it into a 4-liter container with water and spray the plants that suffer from the pests mentioned above.
    We spray once every 2 weeks (in the evening). To make the infusion better attached to the leaves, you can cut and add any soap.


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