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  1. Lyubov Ivanova, p. Zarechnoye, Omsk region

    In May, the first Courage hybrid cucumbers grown in an unheated polycarbonate greenhouse ripen with me. I plant seedlings early and plant them in the greenhouse early.

  2. Ludmila Kruchinina

    My favorite vegetable is cucumber, I have been growing it for 50 years. I started with a small greenhouse, now there are several greenhouses in the country, one of which is “dedicated” to cucumbers. Over the years I have tried dozens of varieties, there were good luck and trouble. A few years ago, my friend moved to Siberia and sent in an envelope with a letter three seeds of Siberian garland cucumbers. The peculiarity of the variety is that the fruits hang on lashes, like garlands, of small size, there are many of them, they taste sweet. Plants tolerate cold nights, excess or lack of moisture. I myself come from the town of Kamensk-Uralsky, but I live in the Leningrad region. It seems to me that I have some kind of magical connection with Siberia, just like my cucumbers.


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