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    If you plant daffodils at the end of August, before the onset of autumn, they will have time to form a sufficiently developed root system, which will positively affect their frost resistance, as well as subsequent flowering.

    The signal for planting can be considered as the soil temperature established at the level of 8-10 ° C. The site is dug up on a spade bayonet and filled with organic matter (compost - 4-5 kg ​​per 1 m2). You can add 2 tbsp. l. superphosphate per 1 m2. The planting depth is 3 bulb heights, the distance is maintained at 15-20 cm. It is advisable to prepare the holes in advance, and pour sand on their bottom. After planting, moderate watering and mulching are carried out (to protect against future cold weather).


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