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  1. Elena PARMUZINA, Ryazan

    A friend of mine boasts that she uses water straight from the tap to water her plants and all the flowers are healthy. So maybe you don't need to defend it?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Tap water in different regions differs significantly in the degree of hardness, quality and method of disinfection. It is left to settle (usually for at least 1-2 days, depending on the initial data) to improve its physicochemical properties and make it more suitable for irrigation. In this case, the temperature of the liquid is compared to room temperature, chlorine evaporates, and hardness is slightly reduced due to the partial precipitation of carbonates. The oxygen content does not change significantly, but it is still advisable to use open, wide and shallow dishes. By the way, you can saturate the water with oxygen before watering by pouring it from one container to another, keeping in mind that the thinner the stream, the better.
      Without settling, you can use aquarium water, rain water, and melt water. Only in the last two cases is it necessary that it be clean (free from harmful industrial residues and toxic impurities).

      Mikhail MANYAKOV, collector, Grodno


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