1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    With petunia it's summer all year round

    I love this amazing flower, so I decided to sow the seeds in the fall to extend the summer in my winter garden.
    In principle, sowing was no different from spring sowing. I used universal soil for indoor plants. I scattered the tiny seeds over the surface of the soil and pressed them slightly with my finger, then watered them generously from a fine sprayer. Covered the container with a transparent lid.
    The main thing that is needed for the germination and growth of seedlings in the autumn-winter period is additional lighting. Therefore, I placed the greenhouse under a lamp, which I turned on from 19 to 23 hours.
    The small sprouts developed quickly, and after removing the lid they began to grow even more actively. And soon buds formed.
    Of course, petunia outdoors in summer is more elegant, but even in the cold season its cute flowers do not let you get bored.

    How to prolong the flowering of petunias?


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