1. Elena Pisarenko, Saratov region

    Irises: so that the flowers do not become smaller

    Irises have been growing in our garden for many years; the flowers are unpretentious and delight us with their early flowering. But in order for the bushes to be beautiful and the flowers not to become smaller, they need to be replanted.
    The best time to divide the bush and replant irises is the end of July - beginning of August. Carefully dig out the bush using a narrow fork, cut the rhizome with a sharp, clean knife, sprinkle it with ash and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. The main thing is not to make it small; each such division should have at least one annual link and a fan of leaves.
    When planting, I shorten the leaves and roots to 10 cm. For planting, I select larger fans. I place the “back” of the rhizome at the level of the soil surface, making sure that the division does not fall over, and the fan of leaves should remain in an upright position. Around the planted plots I make a low border of soil, which prevents water from escaping when watering. I immediately water the plantings with warm water.
    Instead of ash, cuts on the rhizomes can be sprinkled with crushed coal or coated with brilliant green.


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