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  1. Tatyana Vladimirovna, Ivanovo

    On the trunks of the Lyubskaya and Chocolate cherries, the bark is splitting. The gap is deep - about 1 cm, long. Appeared last year. I covered it with varnish, but there was no result. Chocolate has already died, Lyubskaya is still alive. It blooms and bears fruit. But I'm afraid that a strong wind will break it. How can I help the cherry?

    • OOO "Sad"

      Dear Tatyana Vladimirovna! Cherries, especially varietal ones, often cannot withstand our weather. If one variety is dead and the other is alive, then Lyubskaya is suitable for your zone. Look for not just a varnish on sale, but a varnish with additives of wound-healing medicines. Personally, I stimulate the cherry’s immunity by spraying it with whey diluted 5 times in early spring.


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