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  1. Olga Sibur. Kamenka village

    Why did additional heads of cabbage begin to form on the cabbage stems in the garden? The main heads of cabbage on such plants grew small.

    • OOO "Sad"

      “This happens if the apical growth point, which is located inside the head of cabbage, has been injured or died. Another question is why it died or stopped growing.
      There may be several reasons, but most often the buds freeze out in early spring as a result of recurrent frosts. In the seedling phase, the upper bud is not yet covered by leaves and is more susceptible to low temperatures than in the adult state. Therefore, prolonged cold, and especially frost, can lead to the consequences described in the question. To prevent this from happening, do not rush into planting seedlings, and if frosts or a prolonged drop in temperature are predicted, cover the cabbage with spunbond.


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