1. Alla

    The most favorable period for planting remontant raspberries is October.

    Since plants bear fruit well in one place for 8-10 years, I set aside a sunny area for them, protected from the wind. In the planting holes I add 0,5 buckets of compost or manure and 1 tbsp. wood ash. The distance between plants in a row is 50-70 cm, row spacing is 1,5-2 m. I plant at the depth at which the seedlings grew before: those planted too high or buried take root worse. After planting, I make sure to water it (even in the rain!) - 3-5 liters per bush. And I immediately mulch the soil with humus or peat (this helps retain moisture and inhibits the growth of weeds). Additionally, I water it with manure “tea”: 2 kg of manure (sometimes I replace it with rotten fruits) and pour 40 liters of water into a cast-iron bath, and after 2-3 days the healing infusion for watering the plants is ready. Manure contains many acids that soften hard, alkaline tap water.
    Immediately after planting, I cut off the raspberry stems, leaving stumps 20-30 cm high so that the roots can start working faster in the spring. After the appearance of young shoots, I remove these stems. In the spring, autumn raspberry plantings are partially mulched with black SUF spunbond so that when root shoots appear, it can be pulled apart like a curtain and increase the open space for plant growth.


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