1. Pavel Trannua, agronomist

    Many people sow green manure in the summer. Should I bury them in late autumn or leave them until spring? There is a difference! In late autumn, the soil is supposed to sleep and gain strength. Soil colloids resemble a miniature swamp in which life is in full swing, only here instead of reeds, frogs, insects, root hairs, mycelium (the mycelium of soil fungi), microorganisms, and worms work. Just like in a swamp, there is a lot of organic matter here, it teems, flows one into another. And in the fall he needs to prepare for the next season, to become accessible to our plants.

    And suddenly all the best is pumped out by the “pump” in the form of green manure planted by the summer resident! Well, okay, that’s also possible, it increases the total biomass, only then it needs to be dug back into the ground before the snow comes! Otherwise, the main part of the nitrogen taken from the soil will disappear in the spring during the decomposition of the foliage. Otherwise, humus would become part of the colloids and enrich them.


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