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  1. Mikhail Lukyanov, Vladimir

    The fruit tree is young, but its branches have drooped. How to fix the situation?

    • OOO "Sad"

      — Hanging skeletal branches on young trees can be caused by too early fruiting or insufficient physiological compatibility of the scion with the rootstock, weak thickening of too long branches. Correcting drooping crowns can be done in two ways:

      – skeletal branches are pulled up and tied to a trunk or stake;
      – thin long branches are pruned to enhance branching.
      If strong restorative growths have formed on the bends of the hanging branches, then due to one of them, better located, it is possible to form a new conductor of the skeletal branch so that it does not hang down, but grows 50-60 degrees towards the trunk.
      The rest must be cut into a ring.


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