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  1. Svetlana IVANOVA, p. Avdeevka, Tambov region.

    It is known that garden pests and their larvae overwinter in the soil under trees and bushes on which they feasted in the fall. And when they go into hibernation, I carefully but tightly cover the tree trunk circles with pieces of old roofing felt or linoleum. The shelter remains in place all winter and the beginning of spring, until the flight of insects ends, and this happens at an air temperature of +12...+14 degrees. Under cover, pests die without being able to come to the surface.

    Thanks to this method of protection, my garden always remains healthy.

  2. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Take a closer look at the currants
    If currant bushes are damaged by bud mites, then in winter large rounded and deformed buds will be clearly visible. Pick them off and destroy them.


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