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  1. Petr Vasilievich, Astrakhan region.

    There are three cherries growing in the yard, the variety of one is Vocation, and two of them are Caucasian, I don’t know the variety. Both Caucasian cherries bloom profusely every year, but one bears fruit and the other does not. What is the reason? So what should I do? They say you need to twist the cherry branches and tie them, then there will be fruits. I want to graft a branch of a different variety - will there be any benefit? I want to plant low-growing varieties of cherries, up to 2 m. Are there such?

    • OOO "Sad"

      There can be many reasons for the lack of fruiting of cherries; it is difficult to understand, since we visually do not see a clear picture of what is happening. Perhaps one of your two Caucasian cherries is of a different variety, and your growing conditions are not suitable for it. It is better to always focus on local varieties so that there are no problems later.

      You have two options to solve the problem: either cut down the tree or graft other varieties onto it. But you need to follow certain rules: a cutting from last year’s shoot with 3-4 buds is grafted onto a young branch 2-3 years old.
      There are no low-growing varieties of cherries. There are weak-growing rootstocks of the VSL-2 type. You need to buy seedlings with them. Cherry grows up to 3,5-4 m, but when it reaches 3,5 m it can be cut in half - it will branch to the sides, making it easier to harvest.


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