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  1. I. Teryaeva Leningrad region

    I’m already in full swing planting seedlings on the windowsill. But the seedlings are somehow stunted and colorless. You're probably saying there's a lack of light. What fertilizers can I use to help my seedlings?

    • OOO "Sad"

      As you correctly noted, it is not easy for seedlings to develop in low light conditions. In addition, the cold from the window and hot air from the radiators can further aggravate the situation and lead to stress for the plants. To eliminate such stress and ensure full growth of seedlings, you can use liquid organic fertilizer Aminosol with the properties of a growth regulator. It contains nitrogen and more than 20 related amino acids in an easily digestible form. You can pre-soak the seeds in the solution, as well as water or spray the seedlings. Aminosol stimulates plant endurance, improves cell division and root development. Fertilizer is useful both when transplanting seedlings into large pots and when planting in the ground, when the plants also experience great stress and may not take root.


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