1. Vladimir PETRIK

    In the village on our country estate, where we stay all season, between main meals we feast on berries grown without chemicals and with love. Moreover, we prefer to eat them straight from the bush.
    We have just this route from bush to bush: first - black currants, then - red and yellow currants, then - red and yellow raspberries, across the path - black raspberries.
    After a while, these berries fall away, and blackberries and late varieties of raspberries ripen. When we go to the garden, we pick a bunch of grapes and feast on them, walking along the central path lined with flowers.
    Any berries collected in a container are no longer as tasty as straight from a bush or tree. And on our bushes they are clean: our place is environmentally friendly, far from the road and only our car is near our site.

    So, slowly moving between the plants, we simultaneously examine the bushes and can even discuss which of them need more attention, what to propagate, what to water...


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