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  1. Olga Kuzmenkova, Moscow

    Last year I sowed zucchini seeds, but strange pumpkin plants grew - half pumpkin, half zucchini. The shape of the fruit resembled a zucchini, about 70 cm long, with thin and delicate skin, and reached 15 cm in diameter. But the flesh was more like a pumpkin - orange-pink, tender and sweet. When fried, the fruits turned out to be much tastier than zucchini. I collected the seeds. Should I sow them this spring? What kind of fruits have grown?

    • OOO "Sad"

      — It’s hard to say without a photo. Perhaps you have grown Lagenaria? As for collecting seeds, it is appropriate to collect them from varietal vegetables (the bag does not say “F1”) - then as a result of sowing you will get exactly the same plants.
      If these are hybrids (F1), then there is no point in collecting seeds from them: the harvest may be completely different from what you expect.
      So first you need to figure out which plant seeds you sowed last year, remember whether it was a hybrid or a variety, and only then make a decision about the further cultivation of this vegetable crop on your plot.
      On the other hand, you can always conduct an experiment. If you have already collected seeds, sow them and see what grows from them.


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