1. N. CHUPIRO Tyumen

    Ten years ago, my neighbor and I purchased a columnar apple tree of an unknown variety (we were told it was Borovinka, and only later did we learn that such a variety does not exist). At that time, these apple trees were widely advertised; I was attracted by their compactness and productivity.

    In mid-September, I chose a place for the seedling, protected from cold winds by an adult apple tree. Planted according to all the rules.

    The winter that year turned out to be very cold; in December at night the temperature dropped to minus 40°. To my chagrin, the top part of the tree froze. The same thing happened to a neighbor. Later I read that columnar apple trees do not tolerate frost well. I cut off the withered part of the apple tree, but did not dig it up.
    In the following years, I occasionally watched the “column”. It began to overgrow with branches (that is, not a hint of a real columnar apple tree remained) and foliage. Two years ago in the spring I found several inflorescences on it, and in the fall I picked three apples. The autumn was dry, so I had to give the roots water. The next year my beauty bloomed in full force. It has become my favorite tree on the site. Last year turned out to be an apple year, and the “column” gave me three buckets of large red-sided apples.


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