1. Summerman, gardener and gardener (anonymous)

    Last season, a friend shared with me red cabbage seedlings - I had never grown one before. The cabbage grew well and formed dense heads of cabbage by the end of summer. I was happy. But, as it turned out, my joy was premature.

    The cabbage turned out to be completely tasteless. The leaves are too dense, hard, without a distinct taste, with a distinct bitterness. It was difficult even for me to chew them, let alone my mother, who has false teeth. To prepare the salad, you had to squash the cabbage long and hard. But I don’t like “red cabbage” in hot dishes, because it turns gray-lilac and unappetizing.

    What's wrong with my cabbage? Did I break some agricultural practices somewhere and it grew so hard, or did I just get this variety? Or is all red cabbage “wooden” and not juicy?


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