1. Victoria STRELTSOVA, Bryansk

    In the second half of April, as soon as the soil dries well and stops sticking to the shovel, I begin to prepare beds for radishes, parsley, parsnips, dill, lettuce and spinach.
    Previously, I applied fertilizers for digging, but over time I realized that early crops grow in the upper 5-7 cm of soil and sometimes do not receive the necessary nutrition, which ends up at the depth of the shovel bayonet.

    That's why I do it this way now. First, I dig up the soil, picking out the roots of the weeds, and then I form the beds. On top of them, at the rate of 1 sq.m., I evenly distribute a bucket of compost, a liter jar of ash, a handful of chalk and a matchbox of any complex mineral fertilizer. After that, I embed everything into the ground with a rake. I try to sow the seeds of early vegetables as sparsely as possible, so that there is at least 20 cm between rows, and at least 15 cm between plants, especially lettuce. I choose early-ripening vegetable varieties for this sowing. And already in May I come to the garden for the first harvest of greens and radishes.


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