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    Over the winter, some succulents (haworthia, echeveria) stretched out. What to do with them?

    • Ekaterina KRASS, Mogilev.

      Succulents stretch out during wintering, most often due to lack of light. But it doesn’t matter, they can be rejuvenated.

      We cut off the crown of the plant, which still retains a more decorative appearance. We cut off the remaining part to the very base, leaving a small stump and root system. The elongated section of the stem can be divided into cuttings, or the leaves can be separated from it.
      You need to work with a clean tool, as there is a risk of infecting the plant.
      We place the cut parts in an open flat container so that the cut areas dry out a little, otherwise the plant may rot. Then we plant them in the ground (the cuttings are shallow (like an onion), the leaves can simply be placed on the substrate).
      THIS method of rejuvenation is perfect for echeveria, haworthia, graptoveria, and Kalanchoe.

      Growing succulents in open ground and on the balcony - my experience


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