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Since the bulk of content on the site is generated by users (sent in text form by site visitors as part of the authors' reward program), in some cases articles may be published on the site that (possibly) may violate someone's rights. In this case, you can inform us about this, in order to comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of copyright protection, provided for in Part 4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation in accordance with which:

Free use of the work for information, scientific, educational or cultural purposes ...... dis omitted without the consent of the author or other rightholder and without payment of remuneration, but with the obligatory indication of the author's name, whose work is used ...

The claim / complaint must include:

Name of applicant (Full name - for individuals, full name of the organization - for legal entities);
Location address - for legal entities, the address of registration and (or) residence - for individuals (the index, the republic, the region, the city, the locality, the street, the number of the house, the corps, the apartment / office), that is, the address where the operator follows send a response to the complaint / complaint, e-mail address;
Data of the certificate of state registration of the organization - for legal entities; data of an identity document (passport or document replacing it) - for individuals (not mandatory);

In the complaint / complaint it is necessary to indicate the basis for its presentation and the essence of the claim / complaint. In case of posting on the site of any materials / documents / information, etc. infringing the copyrights, it is necessary to indicate the full links of the specific page (s) of the site on which the information and materials are posted. Copies / scans of documents must be attached to the claim without fail, The rights of the applicant to copyright objects (or links to such documents).

Claims written anonymously are not accepted or considered.

If the above conditions are met, we will either (at the author's option) pay the author's fee or, upon the first request, remove the content belonging to him.

Also we draw your attention to the fact that:

Grazhansky kodez RF, Part 4, Chapter 70, Article 1274. Free use of the work for information, scientific, educational or cultural purposes.

1. It is allowed without the consent of the author or other rightholder and without payment of remuneration, but with the obligatory indication of the author's name, the work of which is used, and the source of borrowing.

1) quotation in the original and translated into scientific, polemic, critical or informational purposes of legally published works in a volume justified by the purpose of citing, including the reproduction of excerpts from newspaper and magazine articles in the form of press reviews;

2) the use of legally published works and excerpts from them as illustrations in editions, radio and television broadcasts, sound and video recordings of educational nature in a scope justified by the goal;

The site of is a free community (collective blog) of the authors. Copyrights to the published materials belong to the authors, exactly as the responsibility for the illegal use of other people's products lies with users who publish their materials. The administration of the site, for its part, takes measures to prevent copyright infringement.

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If you grow rare or unusual varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers or other plants on your site or you get unprecedented crops and want to share advice or sell surpluses of seeds, seedlings, cuttings or something else, you can offer your services in repair, design or decorating dachas or gardening with your own hands, then send us examples of plants grown by you, photos and advice, instructions on growing, we will publish it on our website "Dacha, garden and garden with our own hands" for free.

Send your contact addresses and phone numbers so that people who wish to purchase your seeds, seedlings or order your services could contact you directly and purchase what you want.

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